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Custom Built Treated Basement Stair Case
Building Basement Staircases requires a structural secured foundation. Using plywood is not structurally sound. Once installed hand rails should be added for additional safety. Staining or painting is required 3-4 weeks after installation or as we prefer, before installation. This will allow the treated would to dry 1st and prevent rotting. Once the steps are dried and stained ( We like to stain, it gives it more character.) then we install the steps. The framing can be done 1 week prior to final installation.
One of our Property Managers gave us a list of items that needed to be repaired before the closing of a home. The hardest part was trying to find a wooden door that was 32 x 74. Because a custom door cut down by the manufacture would take 3 weeks and this house had to close in 7 days, we used a 32 x 80 door and had to cut it to size and build a whole new Door Frame, Sill, Threshold & Molding. Then we stained the door & painted the frame & trim. What a difference.
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